It's not just about candy.

It's about creating moments of coziness and togetherness, in each delectable bag.

At Swedish Candy Importers, we're dedicated to bringing you the freshest, most authentic Swedish candy, right here in the USA. We believe that everyone deserves to experience a slice of Sweden's warmth and joy, whether you're celebrating with family or enjoying a moment with friends.

About Us

Are you tired of settling for candy that's loaded with questionable ingredients, wreaking havoc on your well-being? We get it. In Sweden, sweets and treats aren't just indulgences; they're a cherished part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

A Wholesome Approach to Sweets: In the US, the prevailing notion of health often centers around eliminating "bad foods." It makes sense, considering the alarming ingredients commonly found in American groceries. Enter the EU, with its stricter laws and a ban on many substances that fill American aisles. Think of it as a shield against everything artificial.

Savoring Every Bite: Portion sizes matter, and Swedes understand this well. Pastries and candies are petite, yet crafted with genuine, unadulterated ingredients. There's no engineering to keep you reaching for more. Instead, you'll find yourself thoroughly satisfied with less, thanks to the real ingredients and an array of flavors. It's an experience designed for contentment, not excess.

Weekend Indulgence, Socially Savored: In Sweden, candy isn't an everyday affair. It's a weekend treat, often shared in social settings, savored slowly with a touch of "andakt." This deliberate approach results in an entirely different impact on the body compared to the American habit of stress-eating a Snickers at work on a Tuesday.

A Candy Revelation = Ingredients Matter: Delve into the world of candy ingredients, and you'll discover a stark contrast between traditional Swedish and modern American approaches. Sweeteners like high-fructose corn syrup are replaced with wholesome glucose syrup. Artificial colorants associated with health concerns are swapped for botanicals with genuine benefits. Synthetic confectioner's glaze yields to natural alternatives like beeswax and carnauba. Plus, rest easy knowing our selection is strictly Non-GMO.

Embracing Tradition, Celebrating Connection: At Swedish Candy Importers, we're not just bringing you candy; we're ushering in a tradition deeply embedded in Swedish culture. It's about choosing natural, real, healthy, and organic over synthetics. It's about cherishing moments of togetherness, where every piece of candy becomes an opportunity for connection.

Now it's your turn! Ready to embark on a journey of sweet satisfaction and genuine ingredients? Explore our selection now and be a part of the Swedish Candy Importers community for exclusive updates and offers!