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Swedes consume the most candy in the world. On average, a Swedish person will eat over 37 pounds of candy per year! Weekly consumption by an average family is nearly 3 pounds per week.

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  • Free from High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

  • Free from Trans Fats

  • Plant-Based Colouring

    Swedish candies are unique in their use of coloring from fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Common colors are derived from spirulina, chlorella, radish, sweet potato, black carrot juice, and curcumin.

  • Truly Natural Flavors

    Swedish candies are flavored differently than their American equivalents with real ingredients you could find in the store. Sour flavors rely on "apple acid" and "lemon acid" -- same as generations ago. Fruity tastes can be traced back to Scandinavian gardens with ingredients like black currant, green apple, and hibiscus. Savory classics still impress with extracts of anise, vanilla, and licorice root front and center.

  • Glazed Traditionally

    Swedish candies are free from shellac and synthetic glazing agents, using instead traditional beeswax or wax from the Brazilian carnauba palm.

  • Fruktnappar (Swedish fruit pacifiers)

    100% Gluten Free

    Nearly all traditional Swedish candies are gluten free!

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  • Sura vattenmeloner (Swedish sour watermelon flavored candies)

    Vegan Friendly

    Many of your favorites are vegan friendly, containing zero gelatin!

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